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Please read the information below which will outline our safety procedures going forward, and information about all of our services.

Safety Protocols:

  • There will be a limit of 2 people in the lobby at one time to respect social distancing requirements. If the lobby is already at capacity when you arrive, please wait outside until someone before you leaves. When you are in the lobby, please be vigilant of others waiting to come in. While we certainly enjoy the time we are able to spend catching up during drop off or pick up, we may need to cut back on “lobby talks” if others are waiting to come in.

  • Face masks/covers are required by law so please be respectful and wear one when you come into the lobby. If you do not have one, then we will be happy to come outside to assist you.

  • If you are not comfortable coming into the building then we will continue to provide curb-side service. Please let us know and we will plan accordingly.

  • We will continue our diligent cleaning procedures throughout our building to maintain the highest level of sanitation and safety for all of us.

  • **If any member of your household is pending a COVID test result, starts showing symptoms, or has a known positive test result then please notify us immediately so that we can place your services on hold. This is critical to help maintain the health and safety of our team.**

Daycare Services:

  • Current clients, please communicate with us if your plan for daycare changes. We understand some people have been impacted by loss of employment or other concerns and that daycare may not be an option at this time. It is critical that we know in advance so we can maintain our daily daycare numbers which will enable us to plan for staffing coverage and help us with our financial recovery plan. We are at maximum capacity every day with a wait list that is over a year long, so we may not be able to accommodate requests for permanent additional days. 

Grooming Services:

  • We are typically booked 2-3 weeks out for baths and other single item services (i.e. nail trims) and 4-5 weeks for full grooms.

  • We will continue to have the weekly request board available in our lobby for daycare clients to make their grooming requests.

  • We always welcome new grooming clients! You do not need to be a daycare member to utilize our fantastic groomer and bathers.

Training Services:​ 

  • Justin is now scheduling private lesson appointments, and he is accepting new appointments! Please note, facial masks will be required during the appointment. Most appointments will be held at our facility, but he is able to plan to meet at a public park if that better fits your training goals. There is a $15 fee for off-site appointments. For healthy safety reasons, we will not be offiering in-home appointments until further notice.

  • We have finalized our new group class format and classes have recently resumed. Please click on the "training" tab for further class details.

  • We do not know when we will be able to resume our group walks at the parkway, as this also does not meet the social distancing nor the maximum group size limitations. We will keep you posted when this changes.

Speaking on behalf of our entire team, we are very excited to see all of you and your pups again! 

Thank you,

Justin and Carrie

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