Grooming Services

Full service grooming is offered to all dogs in our community; your dog does not need to be enrolled in daycare to enjoy special pampering in our salon.​

Services by appointment only

*All grooming only dogs must be picked up within 1 hour of being notified that their appointment is complete. Any dog left in our care over this allotted time will incur an additional $16 holding fee*

**There is a $25 no-show fee**


Our shampoos are all natural, free of harsh chemicals and perfumes, and help to reduce shedding. We have special oatmeal and aloe based shampoo available for even the most sensitive skin. All baths include a nail trim/dremel and ear cleaning. *Pricing by size and condition of coat


Everything from simple ear, pad, or "private area" trims to full coat trimming or shaving. *Pricing by size and condition of coat

Nail Trim, dremel, pad shave (if needed)


Ear Cleaning


Teeth Brushing



Receive all 3 services for a discount


Nails/ears/teeth plus brush-out

All 3 services plus a 15 minute coat brush-out (for non-matted coats)


Puppy Package

Congratulations on your new puppy! Puppies, under the age of 6 months, who are in of their first professional grooming appointment will receive a bath, nail trim/dremel, ear cleaning and face trim. Your puppy will receive extra TLC to help desensitize them to grooming and help build trust


Additional fees will apply if your dog's coat is matted or if we find evidence of fleas

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My name is Megan, and I am the groomer at Justin's Canine Campus! I have been grooming for over 13 years,  and I have experience working with all types of animals. I have two dogs of my own, and they are more needy than any human I know. Teddy is a schnauzer mix, and he is blind and diabetic. Paco  is his son, and my little sidekick at home. I truly enjoy working with animals, and people that love animals, as much as I do. I will do my best to make sure every dog has a great experience, and they leave happy, as well as, their owner. I take pride in what I do and I am proud to be part of this excellent team!

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by appointment



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