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Dog Daycare 

Daycare Registration form

Daycare provides a wonderful opportunity for dogs to develop proper social skills, reduce destructive behaviors at home by alleviating boredom and loneliness, and restoring calm, quiet evenings to the household.

We are currently accepting daycare applications for small (under 30lbs) dogs only.
(This does not include large breed puppies)

If you have a small breed (under 30lbs), please submit the registration form located above, along with a copy of the vaccination record, to inquire further about daycare.

We are not currently accepting any requests to enroll medium/large dogs into our daycare program, and we do not maintain a wait list. Although it is very difficult for us not to be able to serve all community members, we feel very strongly about maintaining safe play group sizes in our facility. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience!
Our Daycare Perks


Multiple Playrooms

Three (3) playrooms including one for small breeds and two for medium to large breeds. All play groups are fully supervised at all times.


Outdoor Space

Fenced in outdoor play area with climbing equipment, toys,
and a wading pool for hot summer days!


All dogs are screened for temperament suitability prior to
enrollment in daycare. Complimentary evaluations are completed
by the onsite trainer/owner, and are scheduled by appointment only. 

All dogs must be current with their Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccinations.
All dogs over 6 months of age must be spayed or neutered.
*Puppies under 6 month
s may begin prior to being fixed and receiving their Rabies vaccination.*

Daycare Rates

(Tax not included)

Full Day (single dog)                      $30 / day

Full Day (each additional dog)       $18.00 / day

Half Day (single dog)                     $19.00 / day

Half Day (each additional dog)      $11.00 / day

  • All dogs must be scheduled for daycare. We are unable to accept walk-ins, but you are welcome to call for same day availability.
  • Half day is 5 hours or less per day; more than 15 minutes late pick up will result in a full day charge.
  • Morning half day dogs must be picked up by 1pm, and afternoon half day dogs must be dropped off before 1:00pm.
  • More than 15 minutes late pick up after closing time will result in a $15 fee.​

Prepaid Package Rates
All packages come with a free nail trim!
Packages expire 1 year from purchase date


(Tax not included)

Eight (8) Full Day Pass                  $232

  $136 for each additional dog

Twelve (12) Full Day Pass             $336

  $198 for each additional dog

Twenty (20) Full Day Pass             $540

  $320 for each additional dog

Eight (8) Half Day Pass                 $140

  $80 for each additional dog

Twelve (12) Half Day Pass             $198

  $114 for each additional dog

Twenty (20) Half Day Pass             $310

  $180 for each additional dog

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